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Universal Hartland Visual Effects Facility was a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Studios. In its short history, this small crew produced Visual Effects for four feature films, almost a hundred episodes for serial Television, a TV movie, several commercials, models for Universal Studios Tours, other miscellaneous projects, and NASA.

Sadly, this Visual Effects facility, once one of the best in Hollywood, was allowed to close for lack of interest from the main company. The people and the equipment scattered and helped produce countless Visual Effects elsewhere. Some of the crew sometimes gather for reunions and of course, some of us have worked together again in other crews. This web site is dedicated to the memory of Universal Hartland Visual Effects Facility.

This web site was created by Kenneth A. Larson, former Universal Hartland Visual Effects Model Maker. The purpose is to showcase the model building of Ken Larson. Most of the models shown here were built wholly or in part by Ken Larson. We often worked as a team with one person taking the lead. Included are some models that Ken Larson had less or no involvement with. These are included solely for the appreciation of the fans and an attempt has been made to give credit where due. Sorry for any omittions or errors.


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